SPUD (Open House Day)

On Saturday, we went to SPUD. SPUD delivers our groceries, it has open houses some days. I think about twice a year. On open house days, all the farmers that give their food to SPUD go to the open house so that we can be at SPUD and get some things that they grow for SPUD.

Here are the people we met:

Lindsay from Fiasco

Fiasco is a place that sells gelato, which is not ice cream. Lindsay gave me a chocolate gelato.


Meghan from Canmore Pasta Co

I tried the butternut squash ravioli, it was really good. They also had a pasta salad – that one I didn’t like as much.


Courtney from Well

Well is a place that sells juice and lemonade. The one I liked best is watermelon grapefruit pineapple lime.

Chad from Spraggs

Spraggs sells free range pork. I’m a vegetarian, so I didn’t try some. But Logan, my brother, ate a LOT.  “I really did like the meat. Delicious!” is a quote from Logan.


Lina from Delizias Pasta

Delizias Pasta sells ricotta spinach pasta and some other kinds. I loved it! I hope we’re going there again. We’re going to add it to our next SPUD order.


Laura from Little Tucker

Little Tucker makes energy balls and healthy snacks, but I chose to try the unhealthy one, the caramel one. They have the energy balls at Monogram. That was the first time I tried Little Tucker’s food.


Laurel from Winter’s Turkey

As you know, I’m a vegetarian, so I didn’t try it. But remember! Logan ate almost half of it.


Vanessa from Micro YYC

Sprouts are very healthy for you. That’s what Vanessa sold at Micro YYC. We bought a whole package of sunflower sprouts.


Shelby from True Buch Kombucha

True Buch sells Kombuchas. We make kombuchas at home sometimes. But when we don’t, we get our kombucha from True Buch. I tried the chai one. It was so tasty. Logan tried the blueberry one.


Dani from the Gut Lab

The Gut Lab has different things made out of bones. All of them were in jars. Dani was really nice.


Jennifer from Small Planet

Small Planet has a different cleaning products to clean your house. Chemicals are bad for the environment, but Small Planet products are not. You cannot taste the samples.


Zenya from Blush Lane

Blush Lane sells sweet orin apples and fuji apples. Orin apples are very healthy and sweet. I tried both of them. I liked both of them, but I liked the yellow one better.


Tamara from Blue Mountain Biodynamic Farms

When she was at SPUD, I saw only her jams and eggs sitting on the table. Some jellies too. I know her. When we didn’t know SPUD, we got all our food from Blue Mountain. She’s married to Farmer Kris.


Lauren from SPUD

When I saw Lauren, she was at the place that is next in line. Blackbird Coffee. I got a tour of SPUD, and she was leading it. I asked her what if the boxes roll off the tray, and she said that they would have to pick it all up.


Tanner from Blackbird Coffee

Blackbird sells coffee. I didn’t get to try it because the only coffee I like is honey lattes. They are in cans that you usually use to put sanpelligrino that I’m not allowed to drink a whole one of because they are too unhealthy.


Rob from Basic Roots

Basic roots sells raw treats that are truly delicious. I tried every one of the samples. At my birthday party this year I gave away the basic roots cacao Moon, Raspberry moon and pistachio moon snacks in my loot bag. I tried all of them again.


Rudy and Corné from Galimax Trading 

They sell carrots, sweet peppers and tomatoes. They are not farmers, but they buy fruits and vegetables from other farmers to sell to restaurants and grocery stores and most of all, SPUD!


Jamie and Ali from Calgary Heritage Coffee Roasters

Also, you know sometimes I don’t like coffee. So I didn’t try it. But at least I got this photo wearing their hat! Jamie is a firefighter, and Ali used to work at Fratello.



8 thoughts on “SPUD (Open House Day)

    1. thanks!!! Your pasta was really good. I decided I’m opening a restaurant when I’m 20 named after you! It’s going to be called Lina’s delicious pasta!! If you would like to, You could make the pasta while I serve it!


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