uncle pete (interview)

I would like to introduce… Uncle Peter!


peter isn’t actually my uncle but while I interview him he is staying here for spring break.

  • his favourite colours are purple and orange.
  • his favourite year was 2017.
    • He went on a trip to New Zealand
    • He enjoyed himself the whole year, and everything he did had a great sense of enthusiasm to it. If you’re doing something that you enjoy you will probably also be good at it.
    • Playing in a bowls tournament – he won five fairly prestigious bowls tournaments.
    • Pete also enjoyed house hunting, which means looking for a new house. He house hunted for a house in Lindfield, a lovely historic village in West Sussex.  This village won the prettiest village in England award three times, and finally got disqualified because it kept winning.
  • Before he moved to Lindfield, which he moved to this year (2018), he lived in Haywards Heath.

Pete is not pescatarian, but he is vegetarian. He stopped being pescatarian in 2006.

  • He started being vegetarian in 1992.
  • Pete’s brother started being vegetarian before him in 1991. Pete’s mother, Christine, got fed up with everyone saying, “let’s have meat”, and “let’s have something vegetarian”. So Pete’s mother, one night, said “we’re all being vegetarian”.

His favourite food is almost anything that he can eat in Canada. The quality of vegetarian food in Canada is outstanding.


Pete says thank you and I will see all you followers on Wahaca.

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