Killarney swimming pool

Killarney pool is the best swimming lessons pool ever. Logan and me go to killarney swimming pools for lessons every Tuesday and Wednesday. First, you have to go into the changing room and after you’ve changed into your swimming clothes, you go into the shower. You need to be wet to go into the swimming pool.

Then, even if you’re in preschool levels, or swimmer levels, you wait by your sign for whatever grade you’re in, And your coach will come soon when all of the kids at the grade are ready.

Sometimes you get to go into the deep pool. There’s a slide at the side of Killarney room where the pools are. There’s lots of different lanes for the different groups of kids who are learning to swim. I can only swim with life jackets on. When I try to do a starfish float, I just float for a second and then sink.

At the end of the lesson, you get out of the pool and then you go back to the changing room, but this time you’re not going in the shower. You just changing there, or on the bench and then you exit the big door then you’re in the hallway. You go back down the hallway and then you’re in this big room you started in when you were going to your swimming lessons! And then you can exit killarney swimming pool and that’s it!


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