Surgery at Alberta Children’s Hospital

The children’s  hospital has the best surgery ever! It starts by you wait in your room. In a few minutes, the nurse will come to the room and then you change. (if you’re a girl, you wear a gown. if you’re a boy, you wear pyjamas.)

While you’re waiting for a few minutes for some medicine, you get to do something from the children’s play room outside near the third room. It’s not in the middle of the second room and the third room, but it’s right on the end of all the three rooms. The total of rooms is  nine. There’s three rooms in each room.

When I went there, I chose to watch DVD player. I watched Geronimo Stilton and I watched Caillou. When the nurse came back, she put this thing that wraps around your arm on me, and she hit a button or a lever or something on the wall, and then this thing wrapped around my arm squeezed me really hard. I thought it was about to fall off the bed because of the pain! Finally when she had checked my heart beat, she finally took this squeezing thing off which was a relief for me.

Because the bed had wheels, the nurse was able to wheel the bed into a special room that was a long station for beds. For a minute, I got to watch Caillou for a few minutes but then doctor Monica Hoy came in. After doctor Monica left, I got to watch one second of Caillou but suddenly doctor Ewan was at the side of my bed that looks sort of like a crib when the gates were pulled up. Doctor Ewan was an anesthesiologist. That means he works with this astronaut mask that has a juice inside it that smells like watermelon.

They wheeled me into this special room where I chose my mum to come with me. She had to dress in these clothes – she put a green cape and blue bonnet on her head because the room has to be germ- free .    Then, this astronaut mask made me and my teddy suddenly fall asleep! After giggling. Teddy is my girl bear I brought to my surgery.

Then I woke up. The doctor had secretly, while I was asleep, put ear tubes in my ears and sucked out some fluid! Then I was back in some station that looked familiar to a station I’ve been to before. The doctor gave me a blue popsicle to eat.

When I got home, Liam after a while was at my door. I was in the middle of watching Paw Patrol. I pawsed the movie, hurried to the door, and there was Liam! He played a game of chess with me after giving me a gift, there were some bath bombs and a card to get well from my surgery. When Liam left, I continued watching Paw Patrol, but then after a few minutes there was a knock at my door. It was Logan. He was home from school. I turned off the television and that’s the end of my story!


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