nenshi storytime

First, before I begin, these are the people I met:

mayor nenshi;

nenshi’s helper;

and santa claus. the date is dec. 17, 2017

We went to the central library.  All the children sat in front. and then Nenshi came out! He read Snow Dog, Go Dog and two Christmas books. I can’t remember what they’re called. They were really funny! Especially Snow Dog Go Dog! Nenshi was making funny sounds in that book! Me and Logan were laughing out of our wits!

Then Santa came out from somewhere, I don’t know – probably out of the back. Then Nenshi came around giving candy canes. Then Santa sat down in a chair and most of the children crowded around him. Most of the crowded around kids got to see Santa and talk to him.

I stood in line to talk to Nenshi. I said, “How do you like being the mayor?” He said “It’s good.” I was wearing my Nenshi badge and he said, “Cool badge, buddy”. After playing around in the fire truck (it’s right at the front) we went to the back and we got some hot chocolate. We went to the back of the library and then we saw some giant chess pieces and they were playing a game (of chess).

Then we took the c train to Wise and Wright for some lunch. And then we went home! THE END.



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