Guest Post – Bubba Gumps (Maui, Hawaii)

By Liam Coonfer age 11

Bubba Gumps is right on the shore line so it brings a nice feel to the shrimp house. I had the Shrimps Heaven, It has three different types of shrimp platters. The first cuejuin the second cocktail and the last tempura, it also came with sauces the first soy sauce the second a mango chutney the third and final sauce was cocktail. After our fine meal we met a guy named smiles, he was from New Orleans, and he moved to Hawaii at age 26, he is now 28. There was also a gift shop that sold Bubba Gump merchandise (Hats, Balls and Rackets)  I will rap it up so that was my lunch at Bubba Gumps.liam_bubbagumpspost

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