the dirty dozen

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I’ll do some steps called ”A few easy steps for the group of the dirty dozen” before I tell you what this group of fruits and vegetables is.

  1. always buy your groceries in an organic supermarket.
  2. drug stores are mostly non-organic, so never buy from them.
  3. If you are buying from a non-organic store, always check with the staff if there is some organic things there.

so, what the dirty is is a group of fruits and vegetables that might have been sprayed by pesticide.

The dirty dozen includes:

  1. strawberrys
  2. spinach
  3. nectarines
  4. apples
  5. grapes
  6. peachs
  7. cherries
  8. pears
  9. tomatoes
  10. celery
  11. potatoes
  12. sweet bell peppers
  13. and hot peppers.

clean15-2 (1)

This is a photo from SPUD (you will see about it a bit further down).


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