Hey Happy Coffee

Rob Kettner – photo taken by Logan

Hey Happy is one of Eight Ounce Coffee’s customers. I am interviewing the owner, Rob Kettner.

Hey Happy is in Victoria, B.C., Canada. When I went in, I didn’t really recognise it, but something told me I might have been there before. As soon as I fully recognised it, Rob came over and after a few minutes I decided to interview him. I drank a chai latte while I was listening to him.

The shop has been open since 2014 but the building was built in around 1890. First it was a clothing store, then it was a jewels store, and then Hey Happy gutted it out and made it into a cafe.

Rob has been a video journalist for CTV. He broke his arm snowboarding and then decided he liked coffee. While he was a journalist he also went to Afghanistan with some fire fighters to film a war documentary because at the time Afghanistan was in war.

He had two answers for this question: I asked him what  inspired him to open this cafe. First he said for his love of money, but then he said he was joking, and really it was for his love of coffee.

Before any of my barista friends like Cole or Ben or Jeremey or Josh, he was the Canadian barista champion. The trophy he got is in the cafe and it was on the counter.

Everybody that my Mum knows they say that Hey Happy is their favourite cafe in the world. Her quote is “Hey Happy is my Happy place”.


Me and Rob Kettner – photo taken by Logan

4 thoughts on “Hey Happy Coffee

  1. Great job Morgan. You nailed it! Plus you didn’t misquote me and you asked poignant and relevant questions. Keep up the great work!

    Ps- Is it true that all of your interviewees recieve comandante hand grinders?


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