Donations on ATB Cares

I had a birthday party at the Calgary Humane Society, and I asked everyone to bring money for charity instead of presents. Altogether I got $75!

I donated to my three favourite charities: The Calgary Humane Society, Inn From the Cold, and Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids. I put the Calgary Humane Society’s share of the money into the pretend dog’s head, and I could tell there was a lot of money in there because it clanked loudly when it went in!

The rest of the money I took home, and later I went to ATB Cares website and donated the rest of the $50, so the other charities got $25 each too. That’s why, whenever you can, you should goes to ATB Cares and donate some money to one of your favourite charities. The best thing is to raise money for your birthday instead of presents, because that’s what I did at my birthday party!

ATB Cares matches 15% of your donation AND pays the bank fee for the charity. So that is why we chose to go onto ATB Cares.

This is when I had finished donating $50!


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