Peter’s U-pick


Peter from Peter’s U-pick is really nice.  We go there every year when we visit BC and pick lots of cherries to bring home and freeze.

We visited this summer and the funnest part was when I got to climb a ladder that was about 6 metres tall. I filled my bucket so high I had to use mummy’s bucket.

Before Peter weighed the cherries we bought an oatmeal cookie and then Peter asked if we would like to see the kittens. there was a baby tabby cat and a black kitten. We even saw the mother cat. Then he asked if we would like to get eggs from the chicken. We said yes. We found half a dozen eggs. We even got to pet the chickens! He planted the trees in 2003 and the business started in 2007 ( 4 years before the U-pick started).

He planted the trees and hoped for the best thing to turn out and it was the u-pick. He said that he wanted to retire but I think that he was joking.  He said that hopefully one of his kids would want to take it over from him.

Peter said that seasonal work is nice and he hires out most of it.

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He planted (individually) over 2000 trees!!!! That would be 54 rows with 40 trees in each row.

He had two jobs before the u-pick that was a restaurant and a catering company. He said he will do the u-pick for as long as he can.

I really recommend that you should go there if you ever need cherries, especially for the winter!

Peter’s U-Pick – 6244 Rimer Rd, Vernon, BC V1B 3T7

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