Brown Bagging For Calgary Kids (BB4CK)

Brown Bagging is an organization that makes lunches for kids whose parents don’t have enough money to buy their own lunch. When I went to Brown Bagging I got to deliver 7 boxes to 7 different schools in 2 hours.


There I met Cathy Jarvis whose position is the Distribution Coordinator which means that she is in charge of where the boxes go and who takes them. She has been working there for 12 years. She chose it for her career because her friend used to run it and volunteered by making and delivering and it grew so they needed her. They deliver to 215 schools. That day, they had to make 1800 lunches. Churches help. BBFCK was opened 27 years ago.

The day I went Brown Bagging, it was a special day for Logan and me, because that most of the time when I have a day off, all the other kids have a day off too, so we if that had happened on that day, we wouldn’t be able to do Brown Bagging. But we got to because that we still had another week until we went back to school! And I was really excited.

First, we went to Brown Bagging headquarters in the Yellow Beast (Eight Ounce coffees work car) and picked up the food boxes for all seven schools that we went to. And that was the time I met Cathy. Then second, we drove to all the schools, and delivered the food buckets and got the empty ones from last time in return. Then we went back to Brown Bagging headquarters and gave back all the empty buckets from all the schools.

Then we went upstairs and went to the kitchen. In there, a lady gave me and Logan a timbit! A timbit is a kind of sweet that looks like an energy ball except it’s way more sugary and has a crust that is a tiny bit harder than an energy ball. That was the first time I had ever had one because that it’s too unhealthy most of the time.

Then we went back downstairs and that is when I did my interview with Cathy. Then I left.

I recommend that you go there and help out because remember, there is 215 schools. You should really help out if you have time and a car. Imagine all those kids without lunches!

Bye bye!


One thought on “Brown Bagging For Calgary Kids (BB4CK)

  1. It was a pleasure to meet you, you are one special guy along with your family. With your help we fed a lot of hungry kids that would otherwise go without. Thank you for telling people about the hunger need we have in our city.
    Know that who you are is very important, what you think really matters, what you say could change someones life, and what you do makes a difference in our world.
    Hope we cross paths again, and keep being awesome you!


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