Palm Springs-special report

I went to Palm Springs for my mum’s birthday, and boy, was it fun! Palm Springs is a very exiting place. Here is my list of top places to go.

  1. Chef Tanya’s kitchen
  2. Joshua tree
  3. Ace hotel
  4. Palm canyon and Indian canyon walks
  5. Kings highway diner

Chef Tanya’s kitchen is a great vegan place. My parents got a nice El Cubano and Tacos, while I got a good PBJ & granola. My brother got a grilled cheeze (the Z means ”vegan cheese”) that was still pretty good, but the ”cheeze” was a bit runny.

Joshua tree is a very good place for you if you’re a climber. There is lots of tall boulders, and the trees look a lot like the Doctor Seuss trees in the Lorax. Children can play on the smaller rocks and there’s lot of other fun stuff. When we got there we couldn’t go on the fun walks we had planned to go on because they were closed because that D. Trump had closed them down for building his wall.

On the way, there was an old-day town and there were lots of places that were usual in my grandad’s time.

The Ace hotel is a very good hotel. There is an Amigo Room and a big pool with a hot tub. It is very warm – even I couldn’t get out! You get a room and sometimes you get one with a gate. We got one inside the main quarters, and it had a bed and two extra kids beds for us. There was a desk and also a balcony that was facing the highway so you could see all the trucks and cars go by, although it was sort of noisy. My grandma and grandad had a room with a gate and a front yard with a fire place! We played ping pong and bean bag toss on the last day we were there, and the hardest thing for me was the bean bag toss – I didn’t get any points and Daddy got about five!

The Palm canyon and Indian canyon walks were walks with lots of destinations. When you get to the end, there is a big waterfall and a steep cliff. You look for rocks with pictures on them, and there are signs on the map that match the signs on the stones so you know which stone you’re going for next. We and my brother climbed rocks and jumped off them, but my pants got a bit dirty.

King’s Highway diner is attached to the Ace hotel. They have really good pancakes and the hash browns with scrambled eggs were delicious. On our last night we played drag queen bingo and guess what? Me and Daddy together won two cupcakes and a cookie! Of course I gave the cookie to one of my friends who I had met at the hotel hot tub earlier that day.

I recommend that you go to the five places because they are all pretty fun. And definitely for your kids! I want to go back again too, when it’s a little bit warmer there because it was sort of cold when we went.

Goodbye and see you later!

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