The Deane House

I’m back, Followers! The Deane House restaurant was here since 2016, but built in 1906.

We went to the Deane House as it was my Grandma and Grandads Anniversary (and it was Daddy’s birthday).

Uncle Jono, Grandma, & Grandad

At the end of the meal we got a big cake that said “A Big 50”.  It was vanilla cake with two chocolate rings covering its bottom and top.

Anniversary Cake

The owner, Sal Howell, started the business because she liked food and wine. She started the business 20 years old, and she now is around 40 years old.

Right now, I am interviewing sommelier Danielle, which means that she sells the wine.  She was born in Winnipeg.

Sommelier Danielle

She chose her job because she likes food and wine. Her favourite one is the white burgundy and her favourite meal on the menu is the seared duck breast.


Her favourite continent is North America and her favourite colour is purple.

Her favourite drink is slurpies.



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