Councillor Evan Woolley – Interview

Right now I am interviewing… Evan Woolley!


Evan Woolley is Councillor in Ward 8 in Calgary. He is my councillor, and he is also a friend of mine. When I met Evan Woolley in my classroom, it was the third time I’d seen him in person. The first time I met him was at a pumpkin carving party, and I was dressed up as a robot. It was all cardboard, and Daddy had sprayed it with silver paint to make it look like a shiny robot, and I even used real computer mechanical parts to make me look like a real robot with computer parts on the front.  The second time, I went trick or treating to his house because he lives just across the street from my friend.

He has been councillor for five years. He is 37 years old, and he has encountered a bear before!!!!

He has changed three dozen rules so far on the city council, to make our city a safer and better place.  He has two transports – one is a Honda motorcycle, and the other is a bicycle.

I was the one who organised Evan Woolley to come to my class, and by the time he was about to go, almost all of the children in my class were going to the scrap paper drawer, grabbing a pencil, and asking him for autographs.

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