How my boat sailed

Take a look at my Instagram account (therealmorganfarnell) for a video of the boat coming in to the shore! 

It all started when me and Logan were playing at Osoyoos lake when Logan (accidentally) dropped our toy boat into the water and it sailed away! Daddy stripped down to his shorts and, unfortunately, could not get it.

Logan was almost crying out of his wits and I was crying too. The boat got passed on from another family to us. We thought it was going to sink and that we were never going to see it again!

The wind and waves blew the boat over the rope and over the buoys and soon it was sailing toward the other side of the lake! We decided that we were going to go check on it from the other side.

We got into the car quickly and drove to the other side – it wasn’t very far away by car. If you went by bicycle or foot, then it would take probably ten minutes or so. It took us a few minutes, like two or three.

When we got to the other side, we parked at a hotel on the other side. We went down some stairs, but first Daddy had to go to the bridge. We couldn’t see it at first, but then he saw it! And it just appeared like a submarine!

When we went down to the beach, we saw the boat had travelled all the way from the other beach! We stood towards where it was coming towards us so we could pick it up. It kept moving, so we had to change our position. When it finally washed up into the shore, I was the one who picked it up. I got struck by a wave, but I didn’t stumble back, I just waited for it to come in again and then I grabbed it!

I cannot believe it travelled almost a kilometer!


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