SONDER coffee

Sonder opened on Jun 26,2017. It’s a cafe in Lethbridge. The people that worked there that I met were Jordan and Jaqueline. The busiest day of their work was two Saturday’s before Christmas. They roast their own coffee and use tea from O5. They make their own chocolate syrup because they make waffles! They’ve even…… Continue reading SONDER coffee

nenshi storytime

First, before I begin, these are the people I met: mayor nenshi; nenshi’s helper; and santa claus. the date is dec. 17, 2017 We went to the central library.  All the children sat in front. and then Nenshi came out! He read Snow Dog, Go Dog and two Christmas books. I can’t remember what they’re called. They…… Continue reading nenshi storytime

Skip The Dishes

No need to take 22 minutes cooking! just order online 55 mins before your supper , and you can watch the car come to your house! go to skip the, and we’ve had falafels, i liked the pastry full of spinach. Fish tacos are the BEST.  One time we had noodles from Thailand.